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  • I've seen several ppl here putting servers together, and thought this whould be helpfull for me as well for others.
    I'm interested in getting a 36 bay server for plotting and mining purposes. It's been years I'v worked on computers and don't know much about server hardware. I've been plotting and mining on 2 laptops and don't like having my cpu's and gpu's near 90C. still finding my self short of cpu for other projects. Any Help, Guidance is apriciated.

  • @Ambro , my server CPUs run at 93C.


  • I use core temp and utilize the overheat protection which is set to maybe 10% less then tj max. I am using a hp z600 2x x5550 and at 93c I put it to sleep. At least with my server I like to keep it at 90c not more. Heat kills!

  • I know heat kills specially on laptops, besides I still need more cpu and Hdd. I've been looking at some servers in
    ebay but they say only to read up to 2Tb and just need some push to the right direcction.

  • admin

    @Ambro Look for one that has a SAS2 backplane, they'll be more expensive, but can handle any size drive.

  • Thank you H good push!!

  • This has my attention.

    Supermicro 4U Rackmount Server
    Rails NOT Included

    Clean machine with minor scratches on top and sides from pallet stacking
    No major dents

    X8DTN+ Motherboard
    2x Xeon X5670 2.93hz Hex Core (12mb Smart Cache / 6.4 GT/s QPI) CPUs
    18x 4gb PC3-10600R Memory
    24x 3.5" Trays with Screws
    Adaptec 5405Z Raid Controller
    2x 1200w Power Supplies

    I'm sure it has a sas and not a sas2 backplane but I was thinking in using a LSI 9260-8i card, remove the backplane and use individual sata connetions to the HD.

  • admin

    @Ambro An 8i won't cut it if you want to run 24 drives - I do have a 3Ware 9650SE-24M8 RAID controller - supports 24 ports, battery backed RAID controller. You can run the drives individually or create arrays. It's not all that current being only SATA2, but it ran pretty well. I may also have the break out cables, but I think the ones I have are the 8 Port MultiLane cables that would work with a SAS 1 backplane, but at SAS1 not SAS2 speeds, however to the best of my memory it does support large drives.

    It's this:

    If interested - PM me.

  • @haitch so I can use this without the backplane? Im not intrested in haveing hot swapable drives? last but not least... hit me 🙂

  • admin

    @ambro you can use it without a backplane, but will need to findaway to power and control each drive.