GPU plot generator corrupt on windows 10

  • GPU plot generator refuses to open and i tried both the 64 and 86 binaries on windows 10.

    i used a unpacker free from windows store since there was no unpacker.

    maybe you developers could try normal zip instead of tz or 7z

  • @ejonesss much better than zip

    "7Z is a modern, open source archive format, featuring AES encryption, native volume spanning, and high compression ratio, in many cases (depending on the nature of the input data) better than competing RAR and ZIPX formats"

  • where do i get the dll files that are included in the copy shown on youtube instructions

    i only see


    once extracted on a mac with 7z for mac

  • i decided to try 7zip for windows and got the same files and while the program now loads it is a command line not a gui

    does anyone know of a gui version?

  • yes its a command line app. Here is some advice if you use it: if you are technically minded you can adjust your GPU cooling fan speed to maximum it will reduce your GPU heat prolonging its life. Additionally if you use a overclocked GPU card try throttle it to the stock speed of the chip (google its non overclocked spec) as no card is slower than the disk. I do not recommend using this plotter on a laptop as laptops can heat up quickly. A large stagger say between 2000mb and 9000mb is good for smooth operation and an ntfs file system to plot direct mode makes a optimised plot.

  • What did one window user say to another......Windows firewall comes to mind. Right click on the exe file and see if it is blocked. Use 7zip and open file first before extracting. that way you know where it goes