Personal or Asset disputes.

  • admin

    As I said, I've had enough of the fighting in bickering in public, and particularly asset threads.

    If you want to have an argument, start a new thread over in Members Only.

    Stop making these threads look like a cesspool.

    People that do continue to do it will have their posts moved, deleted and depending on how pissed you made me, will collect a ban.

    These forums are meant to help people get into Burst and investing - if I was new and saw these threads I'd hold onto my money and move along.

    Clear enough ?

  • Understood. My sincere apologies to the forum for my share of nonsense.

  • Totally agree!

  • @haitch Totally agree. I did not realize all the drama that had gone on before was so serious before getting into Burst. Now I'm stuck here lol.

  • @haitch I would be very happy for you to be much tougher on people filling these threads with this useless off topic arguments. A policy of not deleting or banning is only good up to a point. So give fair warning, make deletions and if they continue a temporary ban, then longer ban etc is fine by me.