Hacks nasty hacks tell your stories!

  • Years ago I had a pcie wifi card. I used it to tether the pc with the android. One day a passer by pointed their phone at me in the loungeroom window. The computer started switching on and off as the person ran off. After discovering a bug in my motherboards power circuitry that could be exploited I stopped using wifi. Kids today I guess the future is now! who else has nasty stories? I wonder if it was just a kiddo trick

  • dont feed the troll by answering to this fred. lol.

  • something strange happened last night there was a wind storm and I googled some conspiracy theories and then the modem literally shut down. I software reset it came back on. I surfed some sights then I thought I go google conspiracy theories again. Modem shuts down. So I switched to the ol faithful connexion no probs since. Maybe its Halloween or maybe looking for conspiracy theories just made one?!?
    the stories are always better than the truth so i'll assume its an outage.