Plotting on Mac OSX with Node.js

  • Hello !

    I am new to this forum and i will share my experience.

    Now i have a simple node.js app, that will plot 100 or 1000 files without any interaction.

    I started a little hardware project with GPU´s and HDD´s to make my experience with mining this summer.
    As a Mac user, i created a Win7 box with an old Asus board and a old Intel i5 with 6 GB of RAM, 2 old R9 390 AMD Cards and 2 TB of old HDD´s.
    Only the HDD`s are working for Burst...
    At first i started with the original Burst Wallet and the build in plotter on the Win7 box.
    With the plotter from the wallet i did most of the time 100 GB plots and this needed 10 ours. Endless to plot 5TB..

    After some time i wanted more HDD´s and i decided to optimize this plotting process.
    I have a powerfull Mac Mini Server with intel i7 CPU and it should do the plots.
    After reading about plotting on OSX, i tested out the and it worked fine.

    Now i wanted to have a script to automate the "copy and paste into terminal" horror for every new plot.

    I like Node.js and created an app, that create the terminal commands in a loop. The loop is working syncron.
    So now i can create lots of small plots, while i am sleeping. 😉
    For example a 100 GB plot on the mac mini will take 1 our and 15 minutes with 50% CPU power. This is much much faster as the Win7 box.

    You can find the Code on Github.

    If you like it and can increase your earnings by plotting lots of small files, i am happy for a donation to my Burst wallet : BURST-9SQP-RM6K-D666-G835V

    Happy plotting !