Unconfirmed transactions

  • I'm trying to send some Burst to a Wallet, but its showing unconfirmed transaction and the recipient is not receiving it. Its also showing 2 days behind date on the transaction, please guide, Thanks

    0_1509910812138_Burst Second transaction 5b Nov, 2017.jpg

  • @dkali1

    Its also showing 2 days behind date on the transaction

    If this is an actual screenshot from a day ago (Nov 5th), the wallet you're using is offline and can therefore not transmit the transaction to the network.

    The topmost entry in "recent blocks" should not be older than a few minutes.
    Check the "Peers" screen (left, bottom) to see if your wallet has connectivity.
    If not, stop and restart it, check the nxt.log file for errors.

  • @vaxman Ok, thanks. Sorry, I didn't understand how to check the wallet connectivity?

  • @dkali1 left column, click on "Peers". The number of "Connected Peers" on the top right should display 5+ connections.