Getting USD$ out of Bittrex.

  • Being new Burst, I have set up a wallet with Bittrex. I have deposited 5000 Burst sucessfully. Now, how do I get Burst converted into dollars and to my bank?

  • @khnkdn You'd have to convert the Burst into Bitcoin by selling on Bittrex, then send the bitcoin somewhere like Coinbase, Bitpanda or (my personal fave) Uphold to convert to fiat. From there you would have to wire transfer to your bank. They will all take a commish along with mining & wire transfer fees, leaving you with less than $20! Much better to hold your Burst until it increases in value, or wait for a dip in bitcoins price (likely pre the upcoming 2X fork) and convert to BTC & then HODL those satoshis - unless you urgently need the cash.

  • @ArthurPug I don't need the cash, I was wondering what the process was to go from Burst to bank. I am willing to sit on the coin until prices are more advantageous.