10 days of mining didn't get burst yet

  • I am mining from past 10 days still I didn't see any burst in my wallet, how many days does it took to appear in our wallets

  • @Reddy What pool are you mining out of curiosity?

  • @Reddy That pool pays when you get to 150 burst

  • Is there any way that I can check before it pay me like how much i made so far .

  • @Reddy -?- Go to the pool, check the "All Round Shares - Historical share" section.

    And also, take note of "Keeping shares for 500 blocks will reflect a miners real power in shares."

    That together with the info from http://pool.burstcoin.ro/howitwork.html
    ("minimum payout 50 Burst") lets me interpret it this way:

    You need to amass 50+1 Burst within 500 Blocks to get a payout.

    Median network size for the last 10 days is ~135 PB, 500 Blocks will pay 500*1,352=676,000 Burst.
    Ignoring the Pool's payout formula for this napkin calc, you need at least 10 TB of disk space to get a 50 Burst share of the 676,000 Burst mined in 500 Blocks.

    If you have less than 10 TB, this pool might not be for you.

    How to calculate your possible mining income:

    If you have 1 TB of storage plotted, your chances of hitting a block are:

    (own capacity / network capacity)
    1 TB / 135 PB = 1/135000

    As there are ~360 blocks/day, you'll get a block reward every 135,000/360 = 375 days on average. As a full block reward today is 1,352 Burst, your fictional daily reward is 3.6 Burst.

    As network capacity fluctuates wildly (and needs to be integrated over a day or more to be useful for calculations) and block reward is adjusted every 10k blocks (27.7 days on average), you may use an online calculator, eg;

    CryptoGuru happens to operate a pretty stable pool catering to low cap miners, btw.