Wanted: a market analyst for the Weekly Burst Report

  • Those who follow the Weekly Burst Report posted on burstcoin.ist every Sunday may have noticed that we had a market report section that has been missing for the last 3 weeks.
    I like the market analysis because it makes people who are interested in trading come back every week to get this information. I think it's a good way to bring more attention to the Burst Report.

    Unfortunately I had to cancel the cooperation I had with the previous analyst I worked with. I am now seeking a volunteer to take his place. The goal is to improve the report, that is why I ask those who are interested to read carefully the following.

    Who am I looking for?
    I expect the market analyst to have a solid experience in cryptocurrency trading. You should be fluent in English with good grammar. You are supposed to show a rational, organized way of thinking.

    What do I want you to do?
    You will have to send me the market report every Sunday, before 8pm CEST. I don't expect something complicated, just keep it as simple as possible.
    It should include at least the following:

    • High/lows of the week.
    • Overall volume of the week
    • Price change since last report.
    • Comments/analysis on what happened during the week, reasons, comparison with historic chart and so on.

    It should not include buy or sell calls. It must not be a trading advice, only a factual report of what happened during the week.

    What do you gain in return?
    This is not a remunerated work. I am doing the Weekly Burst Report as a volunteer and sadly I can't afford to pay you.
    However, you will get the satisfaction of helping the Burst community as a whole. Your reports will be part of the forefront of the Burst communication and read by thousands of people. As a bonus, you will also have my eternal gratitude (yay!).

    Please do not hesitate to send me a PM if you wish to apply. Thank you.