Qbundle: All-In-One (Wallet / Plotter / Miner) for Windows

  • Hi,

    I have just released my Qbundle v1.3, This version is not just a launcher but also contains the tools for mining and plotting together with an account manager and Full wallet mode style.

    You can download the wallet from here:

    Changes in v1.3:
    Added Full wallet mode.
    Added Account Manager with AES 256bit encryption.
    Added CPU Instructionset detection.
    Added support for XPlotter.
    Added Reward Recipient handling.
    Added Support for Blago's miner.
    Added Support to install wallet as a windows service.
    Added Setting to allow usage of remote wallet for verifications.
    AddedView to see if wallet is synced.
    Changed name to Qbundle
    Improved Exception monitoring
    Improved Processhandling

    Core wallet 1.3.6cg included.


  • @quibus So is this like a wrapper that encompasses a bunch of things to help someone mine burst?
    Similar to the Burst AIO client software?

  • @digidigm

    that is correct, This is similar to AIO but download components ondemand instead of all from start. Also have the ability to utilize 1.3.6cg quicsync functions.

  • @quibus said in Qbundle:


    that is correct, This is similar to AIO but download components ondemand instead of all from start. Also have the ability to utilize 1.3.6cg quicsync functions.

    Do you need help getting it tested or is this the production version already?

  • @digidigm

    I had a few testing it. i made some fixes and made a public release. However, If you wanna give it a hard time please do so and report and i will fix untill next time :).

    Work is never done, only the results are more enduring.

  • Let me give it a once over. I warn you I can be detailed 🙂

    Stay tuned

  • @digidigm said in Qbundle:

    ay tuned

    That is great. if you want to discuss you can reach me at discord aswell and submit issues on github

  • @quibus Taking a look at this. Is there a way to use the database you have already downloaded through syncing? It gives option to point to file when installing but obviously there are many files. Maybe I am missing something.

  • @halogen

    I'm not sure what you mean.
    If you have a database from another wallet you can ofcourse use it with this version aswell. For h2 databaes you need to copy the file burst.mv.db from the burst_db foler in the old wallet to the burst_db foler in qbundle folder. then all you need to do is to set Qbundle to use H2 as database. This can be done with the Database-> change database option and select no copy.

    If i missunderstood you you have to explain abit more what you have done and what you want to achive.

  • @quibus Thanks, this is what I needed to know.

  • @quibus said in Qbundle:


    I have just released my Qbundle v1.3...

    Thanks for this software /app & update.
    Have now installed qBundle [v1.3.1] - avec Burstcoin Wallet [v1.3.6cg].
    The Blockchain sync process went fine until near the end...
    But it has stalled - after getting to within about six hours of the current time.
    Is this /normal /expected /user-error /other?
    Note - Pc ReStarts have no affect on this pause/stall.

  • @beholdminuggets

    What is your blockheight?

    If you in the Qbundle go to Edit ->View console. Can you post the last 20 lines here. If there is an error it should show in there. also please verify that you have connected peers. Do so by logging into the account and view the tab peer at the bottom of the side menu.

  • @quibus said in Qbundle:


    If you in the Qbundle go to Edit ->View console. Can you post the last 20 lines here.

    Thanks Quibus -
    Block height = 433625.

    Last ~26 lines in the Console for NRS (Wallet):
    (signature truncated).

    [WARNING] 2017-12-07 03:22:49 nxt.BlockchainProcessorImpl - Sleeping for one second and trying again
    [SEVERE] 2017-12-07 03:24:20 nxt.BlockchainProcessorImpl - Block not accepted
    nxt.BlockchainProcessor$TransactionNotAcceptedException: Cannot reassign reward recipient before previous goes into effect: {"senderPublicKey":"c6d8d83182e062a8943fb821c3bbbc06b3e70feef202bd200993b948bb762607","signature":"a7095a0787466d42fe7b35b99","feeNQT":100000000,"type":20,"version":1,"ecBlockId":"4601884674097524913","attachment":{"version.RewardRecipientAssignment":1},"subtype":0,"amountNQT":0,"recipient":"8548479704403419470","ecBlockHeight":433614,"deadline":1440,"timestamp":104898815} transaction: {"senderPublicKey":"c6d8d83182e062a8943fb821c3bbbc06b3e70feef202bd200993b948bb762607","signature":"a7095a0787466d42fe7b35b99","feeNQT":100000000,"type":20,"version":1,"ecBlockId":"4601884674097524913","attachment":{"version.RewardRecipientAssignment":1},"subtype":0,"amountNQT":0,"recipient":"8548479704403419470","ecBlockHeight":433614,"deadline":1440,"timestamp":104898815}
    at nxt.BlockchainProcessorImpl.pushBlock(BlockchainProcessorImpl.java:999)
    at nxt.BlockchainProcessorImpl.access$700(BlockchainProcessorImpl.java:30)
    at nxt.BlockchainProcessorImpl$3.run(BlockchainProcessorImpl.java:215)
    at nxt.util.ThreadPool.lambda$start$0(ThreadPool.java:91)
    at java.util.concurrent.Executors$RunnableAdapter.call(Unknown Source)
    at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask.runAndReset(Unknown Source)
    at java.util.concurrent.ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor$ScheduledFutureTask.access$301(Unknown Source)
    at java.util.concurrent.ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor$ScheduledFutureTask.run(Unknown Source)
    at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(Unknown Source)
    at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.run(Unknown Source)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
    [WARNING] 2017-12-07 03:24:20 nxt.BlockchainProcessorImpl - Sleeping for one second and trying again


  • Ok it seems like your wallet has gone stuck somehow we we need to try to popoff some blocks

    Try this:
    Stop the wallet
    Open the nxt-default.properties file found in <qbundle>\conf folder

    change to

    also find
    change to

    Save the file
    start the wallet.

    When wallet is started go to this link in the browser

    Now you will get a message in json format. If it does not contains the word error it should all be ok

    Now stop the wallet again.
    Change back the values
    save the file

    and start again and lets hope it works better this time.

  • This post is deleted!

  • hi
    my wallet is also stuck
    I used to do this trick but it still stucks 300 blocks later
    how i could fix that, please?
    i'm stuck at block: 406698 (september 22th)

  • What database backend are you using?

  • Version 1.4 releases

    Ability to import a folder with plotfiles to My Plotfiles
    Added NTP time check before starting wallet.
    Dynamic plotting (Add/Remove Plotfiles depending on free space)
    Rollback chain function (popoff blocks)
    Minimize to tray function
    Can show Burst price info from Coinmarketcap
    Online wallets can now be used in wallet mode.
    New bar with price and wallet selection added
    Shows blocks/minute when syncing chain.

    Some minor GUI changes.
    HashesPerEnqueue is now set to 100 when using OpenCL

    when solo mining passphrase is now only saved to disk for 3 seconds.
    Restricted path selection for Xplotter.
    Updated built in pool list.
    fixed a bug when importing bbd files.
    Setup wizard resizing problem.

    Core wallet 1.3.6cg included
    Updating can be done from file->check for updates within qbundle

    New users: https://github.com/PoC-Consortium/Qbundle/releases/tag/1.4

  • Can I import the database from 1.3.4cg to this new wallet?

  • 1.3.4cg ->1.3.6cg is compatible.