Mining on Linux

  • I have had it with Windows 10! I want to change to Linux.

    What are my miner options/recommendations?

    Do I need to get a new wallet - meaning I have to replot my drives?

    Anything else I need to know?

    Thanks in advance.

  • @khnkdn said in Mining on Linux:

    Do I need to get a new wallet - meaning I have to replot my drives?

    you can use the same plots

  • CreepMiner is Mulit OS and very good for Linux. You don't habe to replot your drive. Your wallet account and password stays the same but you need to install the wallet for Linux. Then the login looks the same. On Linux you have no AIO Wallet like in windows. You have to start your wallet with ./ (in the terminal) in the folder where your wallet is installed. After succesfull starting the wallet you have to open your browser and type then you get the login screen for the wallet (its your local wallet) You don't have to login for mining, only for transactions. Only for Solo mining you start your wallet with ./ and then start the creepminer. On PoolMining you get the information from your pool, you have to set the pool addresses in the CreepMiner config file and there is no need to start the local wallet. You have to set the config file of the CreepMiner in the "bin" folder. Look at github for CreepMiner, everything is explained there for the beginning. One more hint, you have to install Java 8 on Linux before starting your wallet with ./ You can install Java within Linux, with the package repository you have to search for "jre-default" and then install jre-default. Mintlinux is for Windows User very fine to use but be sure to proof the sha252 checksum and do the verification. The verification process is shown on the mintlinux homepage. Some months ago there was a hacked version on the homepage with a trojan inside which sended your passwords. So best is to download with bittorrent (it seems more secure) and then check the verification.

    CreepMiner is very fine to use, so if you like this software or the Mintlinux don't forget to spend some money or burstcoins for the developers who have done a good job for us and still developing things for us.