Help me! my wallet is invalid to withdraw from Bittrex

  • If you continue to drop the burst,
    you get an invalid error.
    You can help me. Please, please.
    my burst wallet is BURST-HZYZ-X85L-2Z65-CSUAQ
    help me please

  • @rokcpla352 have you made any outgoing transaction with your account? I can't even find your account on the blockchain, same is happening with bittrex... I sent 1 Burst to your account, when arrives use it to change the name of your account, give it a few confirmations and then try with bittrex again...

  • Hello guys,

    Ive just installed my wallet en try to activate it by receiving and sending some burst
    But every time i get the message "Invalid" at Bittrex, i have some hundred Burst, but cant get it to my local wallet.

    Can someone please send me some burst. I will return when its avtivated.
    My address is: BURST-77T9-UMEK-BMNK-9KJFL

    Kind regards