Bye Burst

  • A few minutes ago I decided to turn off my 40 TB miner. It's no longer profitable and I do not want to keep losing money for supporting Burst.

    In a way, it's a relief. The POC was a concept that convinced me completely but that has shown that it does not give more than itself. Maybe the future new coins will make a better use of disk space, hopefully.

    If someone from Spain/Europe is interested in discs of 6 TB for 129€, let me know.


  • Hello what is the brand / model / age of the drives please. Assuming they are in a good shape, I could offer 20K burst for one incl. shipping to UK.

  • Are these, bought in August more or less (I can confirm this to those interested):

    I'm sorry but your offer is too low, only shipping is probably more than 10€.

  • @aitor sorry to see you go. True the coin seems to be dying indeed. Too many BS and drama scared many people and with so much innovation out there why would people indeed stay? I keep mining because I like to support the network, but as you said profits are negligible and with the current block reward and network size it really don't make too much sense mining Burst.

  • Since I started with burst I have only lost money, so I have to face losses and continue with the following, thanks.

  • admin

    @poc_consortium yeah, if he sold his stash today he'd be looking at $90K for them - don't think he'd be quite so bitter about that ....

  • The Dymaxion is coming.

    You can try to leave, but will you escape The Dymaxion? It may be too late for that.

  • @tinycoins cryptic lol, hope something big is coming 😉

  • Burst is holding strong at about a penny. A year ago when I first started messing with burst it was like 1/10 of a penny. Looking at the market caps of other somewhat pointless cryptos makes me think burst could easily rally to a nickel or a dime if not a quarter.
    This coin really does offer alot more than most with it's platform. Once the security of the coin is once again proven & trusted ( which takes a lot of time) referring to the network attack and all the forks. I say a nickel per burst easy if not much more.
    Plus it's on Poloniex.