B3 Fundamental Node Asset.

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    I'm releasing an asset based on purchasing B3 Coin Fundamental Nodes, and paying out from the revenue from them. The asset is going to release with 100M coins, but will only payout to sold coins. Each release of the shares is set to be sufficient the purchase of another FN. Any share revenue above the FN purchase price will be returned to asset holders in the next dividend payout.

    Payouts will occur asap after each staking income. Coins will be converted to BTC at Cryptopia.co.nz/Exchange/?market=B3_BTC, then sent to Polo to purchase Burst, then distributed.

    B3 is another crypto coin that earns via POS. Currently it's paying an insane 10,000% PA interest - in about 10 days that will drop to 100%. My feeling is that earning in B3 will continue to be very healthy, but as with any asset - it's a gamble. There is a community staking pool run by myFrogger - it's last payout was 842 Million B3 - under the new model the asset would get 505M B3 for that transaction - 20x the purchase price of the asset.Yes it's a gamble - but I'm damned excited about the possibilities.

    If there is insufficient interest in the asset - share purchases will be refunded.

    Asset ID: 8622660585222414774

    Price: 1 Burst - 0 Decimals

    Edit: By default asset payments will be in Burst, but if you would prefer a B3 payment let me know your address and I'll pay in B3.

    Edit: I left out some additional info in my rush to get this released, so:

    • Management fee: 1% - organized as 1% of the shares sold transferred to my account at: BURST-ACGB-YGHQ-G9ZL-5XD7U - this account individually purchased 25,000 shares, but I'll transfer those to a separate account to avoid any confusion. The ACGB will only hold the 1% of shares.

    • 471,780 asset shares sold for first FN, 4,718 to be sent to ACGB, messed up and sent 10% instead of 1%, balance being transferred back.

    • During the 10,000% phase, additional share releases will be done to purchase additional FN's. When the 10,000% phase ends a second asset will be released for additional FN's.

    • the asset will continue to payout as long as the B3 coin exists.

    • The asset wallet is encrypted with a very complex 60ish character random password. This passphrase has then be split into 5 encrypted parts and will be distributed to the major investors. It will require the consensus of three of them to be able to obtain the actual passphrase.

    • The initial release is now closed, we have the 25M B3 required to purchase the first FN. A second release will be made available after the first one stakes, and subsequently after each stake. During the initial 10,000% phase there should be a minimum 100% ROI on each stake. In the 100% phase the reward will significantly drop, but still be a healthy ROI.

    • Payouts are available in B3 or Burst. By default it'll be Burst, but if you prefer, send me your B3 address via PM

    • There will be no buyback of the asset - the purchase of the FN requires the burning of all the B3 involved - there is no residual to do a buy back.

    • The release price of the assets is going to vary - B3 is currently going up in cost, but later purchases of FN's will be cheaper, the asset price will be adjusted to obtain sufficient B3 for the next purchase.

  • I'm all in for this one - don't mess it up or I'll get @haitch to DOX the hell out of you.

    How many shares need to be sold to warrant 'sufficient interest'?

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    @tinycoins Close to the first million - if we get close, I have 6M B3 I can add to get to the 25M price tag, and will see if I can get some others who have expressed interest, but with the potential payouts, this should be a no brainer.

    Recent stake payouts have been from 250M to 505M B3 - that represents a 600% - 2,000% ROI on a single stake.

    I can also sell shares directly for B3 coin for those holding, PM me to get a B3 price rate.

  • I'm in.. just waiting on my transfers

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    4.2M B3 purchased with asset funds so far. With the commitment to buy in in B3 from a number of members, we'll be around 22M B3 - another 3M needed. So about 250K more shares. Get them while they're hot!! Once we reach the 25M, the asset sale will be taken down until the Node stakes, and then I'll put more up for a second node.

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    @haitch Another 2.5M B3 has been pledged to the asset, so down to about 25K shares that need to be sold. Based on the B3 Pool staking, we might have enough even without any more sales. The initial payouts from this should be phenomenal - the B3 dev team are basically guaranteeing there will be a 100%+ ROI. And depending on how many FN nodes are sold, that could repeat every few days.

  • I will grab some more shares tomorrow morning once I get some BTC converted into Burst.

  • Ooooh ruddy hell, @haitch has taken down the sell order. Looks like he's got enough to get his asset moving!

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    @tinycoins yeah, between 472K asset shares sold, and direct B3 investors, we have the 25M for the first FN. Just waiting to get the funds pooled, and instructions on how to purchase. When that one stakes another release will hapen.

    I've edited the OP with additional info.

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    Based on demand, I'm releasing a second round of shares.

    These will be based on a second asset account, and will not earn from the original FN. Again, asset purchasers will not earn from the first FN payouts. However once the target is reached and we can purchase the second FN, these assets will be converted to B3FN assets, and owners of both releases will earn from both FN's.

    Given the current and anticipated changes in the values of B3 and Burst, the new release price is 5 Burst.

    Asset ID: B3FNodes - ID: 4690652013557184548 Price 5 Burst, 0 Decimals.

  • @haitch What are the anticipated changes in the respective values? It's just that a 5-fold increase for this new asset release seems pretty big in just 2 days.

    (Mind you, some people obviously know something I don't - @Marc's got some shares up at 1.7 million burst each! Hey, it's got to be worth a punt!)

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    @tinycoins The price of B3 went from 3 Sats to 9 Sats - and I'm anticipating it going to at least 15. The asset issue will close when we raise 25M B3, so whether the price is 1, 5 or 100 Burst, you'll still get the same proportional payout, its just priced to where we can assure getting the 25M

  • @haitch so still a little confused on the second asset. People are buying the first one at 4 times the price already.... so if i wanna play this game again with more burst should i bid on the initial asset or just buy the second?

    I got some of the first round but some idiot just overran the asset with retarded sells and set up his own buy order


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    @jaxblack The original B3FN being traded are from people that bought into the first release and are now trading it, the new asset is for the 2nd FN. I will not be releasing any more shares for B3FN, but will swap B3FN for B#FNodes after each FN purchase.

  • @haitch How's the first node purchase going? I'll be honest, I've got absolutely no idea how long that sort of thing should take. Will we have a way of monitoring the pool once it's set up and waiting for our node to stake?

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    @tinycoins I've got 12.5M coins on coinExchange and myFroggers pool, just waiting for them both to process withdrawls. Have a commitment from others to make up the balance of 25M, so really just waiting on the exchanges and pool to allow withdrawl.

    The FN can be monitored at: https://chainz.cryptoid.info/b3/address.dws?Si4NxTrE5XrKDfn58MEBcqPxpT4REbumde.htm

  • @haitch Are we going to get it there in time? There's less than 2000 blocks to go for the bonus!

    Actually that sounds like a while I guess. What's the average block time for this coin?

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    @tinycoins yes we will be in time - everything is setup, just need the funds from frogger.

    There are about 240 blocks/day so we should have about a week of max earnings.

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    @haitch Fundamental Node purchase done, after a timely wakeup call from the UK at 3 AM ..............

    Need the purchase to get 15 confirmations, then it's in line to start earning.

  • @haitch have you managed to withdraw from coinexchange?