New Fun Burst Casino BETA

  • Well done casino. Has good graphics, music, and game selection. It's a Burst only casino. Had trouble withdrawing coins so I'll confirm once I get some out. I deposited 250 and hit a few jackpots and receive an error when trying to withdrawal 500. I hope it's just a glitch. Really awesome casino. Let me know what you think.

  • Ahhh, careful with how much you deposit.

    I get this message when withdrawing now.

    Withdraw is currently disabled. Website is running in demo Mode.
    Contact Support for manual withdraw.

    Still an awesome site. Can't wait to see it live! 😃

  • Withdrawals are working now!

  • Withdrawal down again. I've done pretty well so far. Deposited 250 Burst. Did well on Roulette last night. Withdrew 500 Burst this morning. Did well on slots and tried to withdraw 250 and I get this message.

    "The Withdrawal could not be processed at this moment, please check your Balance or try again later. (Minimum Withraw Amount 1 Burst + Fee)"

    Have to understand it's in BETA

    Just wanted to update you all on this site. Alot of fun and the owner seems to be paying attention.

    Great work on the site and hats off to you whoever you are out there. 🙂

  • @cryptojam ya it sure looks and runs nice

  • checked it out site looks nice , but it wont even let me register an account to give it a try.

  • In maintenance past few days.

  • i had a email from Armin, (admin or support) he said it will be up dec 15, as this is just beta. It is pretty cool when its working, i turned 700 burst into 2200 i think