Not quite sure whether I'm doing correctly.

  • Last night I started with 320GB just for test purpose and let it mining for 8 hrs.
    Not a single Burst increased in my account.
    So I setup 3TB this morning after a whole day work of plotting.

    Now it's been 3hrs and still I don't get a single earnings.
    Is it this much hard or am I doing something incorrect?

    btw, my miner works pretty fine lots of blue , green lines but no rewards,,, lol

  • @mrsoju are you solo or pool mining , for such low amount of plots solo is not worth it for you , id recomend pool mining ... most pools have a payout threshold meaning that you are earning but to reduce transfer fees you will only get a payout to your personal wallet after you reach a set amount of burst or a set amount of time has passed each pool is set up differently but most range from 50-500 burst and 24 hours some are even 1 time a week or every other week.

  • Thank you so much. Yes I'm also with pool burst space, the biggest one I think.
    Thought the earning distributed automatically every time it collected. 😛

    Also I'm not sure which wallet I have selected when I changed the recipient, whether it's local wallet or cryptoguru or others.
    Do you think wrong type of wallet can also create problem ?

  • @mrsoju when you set reward recipiant , you will enter the wallet address of the pool you are mining on in 1 box and then enter your pass phrase in another box. it does not matter witch wallet you use to set the reward recipiant just as it does not matter witch wallet you use to logg in to your wallet , there are many online wallets or just a local wallet that you run on your computer. the only thing to make sure of if using an online wallet it ensure it is hosted by a trusted site and that they have SSL enabled.

  • @mrsoju Make sure the pool you are mining on is accepting the kind of deadlines that you are producing. Some pool require very low deadlines and will discard anything above that. Not sure what the recommended capacity is for that pool but if it's high(above 50-100TB) then it makes sense you are getting no coins.