Kudos for Blago

  • I joined burst not really understanding what I was getting into. It seems to be a fun project. I stumbled my way into getting things working. When I found the pool I felt was right, I had questions. I posted on the forum. @Blago was the first to respond and took the time to answer my confusion. Buy the way, software he appears to be the creator of, works well with 'other things' I have going on. Sometimes we forget to say THANKS!! Let me do it now...
    KUDOS for BLAGO !!!

  • I joined recently too, and was very pleasantly surprised at just how helpful this community is.

    I was completely clueless about everything and some people took the time, answered my inane (well, they felt inane to me) questions and got me on track and working.

    You're right, I think it's fun, and I think the community should be thanked for all they do for newbies.

    *joining in on the kudos fanclub