Little white bar at the bottom of the wallet with price and 'start mining' does not show up

  • I am having an issue where this bar does not appear in my browser. I have 5 TB plotted and I want to start mining, but I can't figure out how to do it since I'm missing this little bar!

    Is there another way I can initiate mining? Or a way I can get this white bar to appear?

    I am using Windows 10. I have tried using Edge and also Explorer for a browser. I made sure to enable the latest Java as an add-on for Explorer.

    Anyone out there who can help with this issue?

  • @meni-menindorf have you ever tried reinstalling the AIO Wallet, or using to find the wallet, that is or is not outdated?

  • Yes! This worked. Thank you HiDevin. I used daWallet’s Burst-Team Windows All-In-One 0.3.11 on the link you provided , and it resolved the issue wonderfully~