More 8TB drives from Viixim ....

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    These are the folks that organized the prior bulk purchase, had an issue with one drive, need to get hold of Matt to do a warranty replacement, but their stuff is shipped very professionally.

    Hello Hamish,

    I hope all is well sir! I was wondering if you could do me a favor? We are currently running a special on the WD80EZZX.

    Units Are New 0 hours with a Viixim Inc 1 Year Warranty. Price are below and do not include shipping.

    WD80EZZX - NEW $174

    If there is anyway you could post this info to the Burstcoin network/blog along with my contact info again. We would greatly appreciate.

    Thank you Hamish!

    Matt Jiron
    Viixim Inc.
    Phone: 760-756-9500 Ext. 1001
    Fax: 760-615-7075
    Email: [email protected]
    AOL IM: matt_viixim

  • I have used Viixim for a drive. The shipping and packaging is excellent and you get what you asked for. I ordered one drive from them.

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    @digidigm I have more than 50 of them ......