Upgrading wallet version on a Mac

  • Hi,

    I'm running my wallet on a Mac; currently I'm on version 1.2.9. It's running on that version with no problems.

    I thought I'd better get it up to date, so I intend to install 1.3.6cg.

    There's not much on the readme file about Macs, apart from the fact that Firebird needs more work so I shouldn't use that I guess.

    Should it just be a case of extracting it and running it as per 1.2.9, or will I need to install a whole new database before it'll work?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

  • disclaimer: i have not run 1.3 branch on osx, only 1.2, nor tried out firebird as databse. i am currently running a 1.3 version on linux with mariaDB backend. for me the performance gain versus the small hassle (under linux) of installing and running mariaDB is worth it.

    that being said i believe 1.3.6cg release supports h2 database, which is used in 1.2.x and provides in process java native database (runs without extra software), just edit the config file conf/brs-default.properties as follows (sorry this is untested, i thought it was explained in the readme):


    copying the burst_db folder should allow avoiding resyncing the wallet.

    installing mariaDB on osx looks like it will require homebrew (https://brew.sh/) which is an excellent package manager for open source software on osx. instructions for mariaDB install are at https://mariadb.com/kb/en/library/installing-mariadb-on-macos-using-homebrew/ additionally mariaDB will require a resync, there are fast sync options for the wallet, i have not tried them (i synced using the osx machine on local network as peer- cause my internet is slow), and don't know where the docs for fast sync are off hand, maybe someone can advise about this process.

    personally i would try the h2 setup first and if the performance doesn't suck (i tend to run older hardware so might not be such an issue if you have a recent machine) you can avoid installing homebrew and mariaDB.

  • Thanks for the detailed reply! I've got the latest version running on a linux box now, so I feel more comfortable to mess about with my Mac version in the next week or so, and it won't matter too much if I screw absolutely everything up!