Just built my first GPU miner today!

  • Hey there guys!

    Just wanted to share a bit of my excitement as we just finished setting up our first GPU miner. We were able to get some crazy deals on hardware for cyber monday so I couldnt resist setting one up! We are actually still waiting on the ram before the rig is actually up and running but we built the frame today and set up the MOBO and GPU's and such.

    Looking awesome!!!

    Currently running 4x rx570s
    AsRock H81-PROBTC MOBO (6x PCI slots)
    1000w Rosewill PSU
    Intel Celeron CPU

    Running linux mint off bootable usb drive.
    Planning to dual mine eth/decred with claymore miner.

    Any input? 🙂

  • Here is a photo of what it's looking like so far!

    Entriquit's Eth Miner

  • @eq , looks good. I use NiceHash to pay for my Burst mining electricity bill (and more). If you put this rig on Nice Hash, or went solo, what is the payoff difference. Do you know?

  • @eq Yeah interested to see what sort of money those 570's are pulling on Nicehash.

  • @rds @tylerk07
    I'm not totally sure what they would pull in on nice hash. At this point I am more concerned with collecting as many eth as I can before it goes PoS, rather than working on recouping my investment straight away.

    I should be pulling in roughly 84 - 90mh/s with the 4 cards, and hopefully upgrading to a 5th card soon.

  • @eq , they'll pull in zero as NiceHash is currently shut down because someone stole 4.700 BTC from them!!!

  • @rds I had pending payouts in Nicehash 😞 RIP me....

  • @rds damn, that's really unfortunate...

    @tylerk07 😞 sorry to hear mate.

  • @eq , It's all good. I hit 4 Burst blocks yesterday, which is about twice my normal with the price rise that almost covered it.