burst is dead?

  • You do not see much movement and the price does not vary either. I think it should be around $ 2 but it does not seem to be of interest

  • @ajqjjj whoa $2?? Each?? I mean...burst is far from dead, but that kind of valuation is a bit high. Besides, price movement isn't the best metric for how healthy a coin is.

  • @includebeer 2$ is just 200-fold from the current exchange rate.
    I've sold some last year at 38 (edit: sat), and soon after AG came around it jumped ~ 30-fold to 900+. hindsight..

    It is not that far fetched. Developers are busy..

  • To me looks like on last legs.

  • @vaxman Maybe you're thinking sats, not $'s. Burst peaked ~6 months ago @ ~$0.25 (900 sats or so). It's never reached anything close $2.

    lol don't get me wrong, I'd love to see $2/burst, but that's quite far fetched considering the environment and competition.

  • How can burst be anything it has nothing to truly offer. Look at Eth smart contracts on cryptokitties! Ok that isnt nothing truly physical but neither was Pokemon. But it appeals to most people. Google burstcoin YouTube look what burst has to offer. I dont see anything for people under 21?

  • @includebeer I'm not a lunatic and I don't see 2$/Burst within a year, except maybe for a very short p&d spike OR (very) longterm (many years).
    But considering what a little marketing and p&d did half a year ago, I am absolutely sure we'll see 0.1$+ in 2018 as a stable base.

    I'm in for the long haul, and with the work underway right now (backend replacement done, enabling fast API calls and complex analysis, code refactoring to get rid of unused NXT stuff) this project might attract developers to take care of the marketplace and make the AT feature actually usable.

    OTOH, the BTC surge and all the money that is flowing (10Billion USD volume/day ?!) into it now is blocking small altcoins, and this will get worse as more and more large Investors will enter the speculative BTC market.

  • @ajqjjj You certainly have talent for timing. :-)