Olive Branch to Burstnation from Cryptojam

  • It's been nice not seeing any negative post between burstforums and burstnation. Wanted to reach out and perhaps build a small bridge.

    Could the folks at burstnation un-ban my account please. Not trying to create a new account and pretend to be someone else.

    I would like to play around in the chat box and make post to expand the coin on both burstforums and burstnation.

    I was banned by Focus for pointing out that i didn't appreciate the rewriting of a link to this forum and was banned for arguing the point. No hard feelings but would like to return with my same user name. I refuse to pose as someone else.

    Just reaching out to see if this can be done with hopes of it being as a sort of olive branch between the two forums. Perhaps I can be an Ambassador of some nature.

    Thanks for hearing me out. Happy Holidays to everyone. Had a great year with you all!

  • @cryptojam I mean, I was banned too, I never really said anything that harsh, as I don't recall, maybe because I don't go on there that often.

    but it's been good that there's no drama. it's been a chill 3-4 months.

  • BN seems to have realized thats its not possible anymore to control a coin like Burst with just a shitty phorum (and ok, some shitty assets.)

    There is new players around, more powerful. Game theory and all that.