REWARDTABLE - can you Ponzi your way to the top of the Pyramid?

  • Hi there!

    Are you inconsolable because Hexabot completely unexpectedly turned out to be nothing but a pile of empty promises? Were you left shaking your fist in rage as 'Peter Shepherd' from 'London' disappeared over the hill with virtual bags full of ill-gotten funds swinging from his expensive belt buckle?

    Do you have a hankering to be part of a another high-risk venture with only a moderate likelihood of disappointment and tears?

    Why not take a seat at a REWARDTABLE!

    Q) "What is REWARDTABLE?"
    A) It looks like the inevitable endpoint of pyramid schemes - they've stripped away all pretence, and each table is presented as a literal pyramid. Except, it's upside down. So it's even more precarious! You buy in to sit at a table; the seats at your level slowly get filled; you get moved up a level; those level 1 seats get filled; then you get rewarded when you're pushed off the top level. WITH SEVEN TIMES YOUR INITIAL INVESTMENT!!!!

    Q) "What?"
    A) Oh just look at the website, it's not that complicated. It's just another crazy scheme to allow dreamers to dream big. But the maths looks like it might be sustainable if enough suckers dreamers get involved, rather than just being an opaque mystery box like Hexabot was.

    There are 3 buy-in levels - 0.001, 0.01, and 0.1 bitcoins. Obviously go for the smallest one, you're not stupid!

    Payout at the top of the table is apparently 0.007, 0.07 and 0.7 bitcoins respectively.

    It's a smaller initial buy-in than Hexabot, so less risk, and if you click this link:
    then you get to sit at a table with me! Which will help me a bit admittedly, but I'm sure you'll want to help me out in return for introducing you to this most pointy of pyramid schemes!

    Don't forget the REWARDTABLE slogan:
    "REWARDTABLE: You might not get ripped off with this one, but if you do, it was only a tiny amount so where's the harm, right pals?"

  • Well my initial pitch attracted a couple of downvotes, but I thought I'd tell you how it's going so far!

    I invested 0.001 bitcoin 11 hours ago, and started off on level 1 of a table with 5 empty seats.

    I just checked the site, and I'm now up to level 2. There are currently 7 empty seats at level 1 - once these get filled, I'll be at level 3, once 8 more people join I'll be at level 4, then another 8 people join and I'll apparently get a sweet 0.007 bitcoin payout.

    You can't see the tables unless you're signed up, but here's a link to my current table just in case:

    I guess it's refreshing how transparent and cynical the whole enterprise is; as long as the site doesn't run off with everyone's deposits, I reckon I'll get a payout in a few days and start the whole cycle again.

    The FAQ reckons a table completes in between 4 and 48 hours, but based on what I've seen so far it'll probably take a bit longer. I guess it depends on how good the other people at my table are at convincing people to join up. Me, turns out I'm not so good at that.

  • why. the only way to get "paid" is by waiting for people to pay, it's like those bitcoin doublers, they either steal your money, or you only can double your bitcoin if someone else deposits higher or the same as you. Then the person who deposited after you are f***ed unless someone else invests.

    10$ can get me Subway, and it's more enjoyable than risking my time and money on a Ponzi, sorry but no.

  • I agree with your analysis, but I went ahead and did it anyway - maybe when The Dymaxion is upon us, I won't feel the need to partake in these grubby little schemes.