PoCC Wallet Quicksync on Linux

  • Ok - so you do have the PoCC 1.3.6cg Burst wallet installed. Now what?

    1) No blockchain

    If you are on Windows - Qbundle does it for you, but if you are on Linux and want to have your blockchain synced within an hour or less, you do the following:

    ./burst.sh load https://package.cryptoguru.org/dumps/latest.bbd

    et voilà !

    the "latest.bbd" file is around 1GB in size, so it takes some time to download and process, but compared to a traditional P2P resync this is the hyperspace jump.

    Of course, newest source has patches to make that resync also way faster in future
    but now is now.

    2) You have a H2 DB already

    Simply tell 1.3.6cg (in config), to use H2 backend. Copy/Move the H2 database from your old wallet into the burst_db directory. Start the wallet. Also done.

    Now - if you would like to migrate from H2 to another DB backend, you could:

    • stop the wallet
    • burst.sh dump <file>
    • change to desired backend in config
    • burst.sh load <file>