So how do I read the Historic Shares to stay on top of the pecking order?

  • Ok, so I am mining and relativley new to Burst. So I get it that your Share amount is determined ( at least I believe so ) on various factors like, your capacity, your total earned to date etc etc. But I don't get it !!!

    If you look at the image below and take a look at Burst account ending in DJ6TC. How does .4 TB with 82D=effered burst and 0 Total earned get to move to the front of the HEAP over others who have more history earned and capacity?

    Ok before anyone says anything I am not trying to be a BITTER BOB !!! 🙂 I am simply wishing to understand how you make it up, and STAY UP the pecking order. If it matters I am mining on the pool.

    Thanks in advance


  • @digidigm historic shares is based on your submitted deadlines, shorter deadline is better.
    Some miners are mining on different machines, but pool is only reading in 1 machine and picking its capacity.

    that DJ6TC guy is mining on 10 machine, 9 of them is 10TB each and 1 is .4TB. The capacity on pool is .4TB but the reality is 90.4TB capacity.

    Im not goot at explaining but hope you get it.

  • share is earned by , each block your best DL is submited to pool , pool will group all best DL from each miner in the pool in order of best to worst , in current block it will list the % of share you earned that block , that share is then sent over to historic on the historic side it keeps a running average of your %share over the last X block's that would be the 1.444% in the share section of your pic. given the current block reward if the pool wins a block your 1.444% is = 9.28 Burst

  • @digidigm It's "historic" shares. That pool uses a 50/50 split, so when someone in the pool finds a block, they their reward amount is increased by 50% of the block reward they just mined, while the other 50% of the block reward is distributed (according to the # of shares they have, on a running average) to EVERYONE in the pool. Then eventually, you all get paid according to the pool's schedule.

  • @progryu009gaijin Thanks I got your explanation and clarification why someone with .4tb is on the top of the list. e.g. what you see may not be actually the way the rig is setup or better yet, strung together. Looking at that account further looks like they forged a block and hence the jump. The 0 total is now over 600+ burst.

    @Gibsalot Thanks for the explanation things explains the wide swings when your almost at the top and then drop down again to say 10th position.

    @IncludeBeer I believe I follow you on this.