Juice up the miner

  • Trying to tweek settings. I suppose it's good that blogo made the miner to a small bit of mem. But here I am with all this enormous unused memory and a processor that isn't really breathing hard.. Anything I can do? I have mem not using and would be OK if the processor went from walking to jogging.

  • @TurtleWinsRace Yes that could be a good thing...
    @Blago I also would like if i can change the settings for the network usage, because when i'm uploading to google i get around 9Mbit/sec and when i'm mining my Google Drives the task manager say that the PC is just using around 1 to 1,5Mbit/sec... So if this changes are possible to configure just let us know please...

  • @gpedro if your plots are optimized, try to change "CacheSize" - it's how many nonces read (part of plot) and calculate per once

  • @Blago What happens if a plot is not optimized and i change that value of 100000 for something like 500000? I am optimizing my Google Drive plots but for the ones that i have on local disks are not optimized... This could be a problem if i change that value?

  • admin

    @gpedro The only real answer is "try it and find out". There are too many variables to say with certainty that if you set cachesize to X, it'll give you optimal performance, you need empirical data - ie. Try and find out what works best.

  • @gpedro if plot not optimized - miner will set CacheSize=Stagger for this plot

  • @Blago thanks that is what i want to know... I will try that xD
    @haitch Yes, i don't expect that someone would say me that 500000 is the exact value for the best config for my pc and for my network... My question was if this will affect negatively my local plots, but Blago already answer that question. I will try and you all could expect an How-To complete configure Google Cloud plots and miner to Cloud Mining... 😉