4 x 8TB WD Drives for sale

  • Well, I am seriously considering selling the majority of my mining power. The amount of burst im getting (over the course of a week), is quite literally less than I can make on bitsler in a matter of 10 minutes. I know you may say that its gambling blah blah, but ive been able to do that now for well over a month, so I am serious on taking offers on the drives.

    Looking for US buyers only, so I dont have to deal with crazy shipping. If you are intersted please PM me with your offer (including shipping) and we can talk. I am also happy to consider burst / ltc / eth / btc payment forms, we can work it out.

    Im not going away from BURST in general, I think its got a great future, I just cant see trying to keep running the mining process when the results are so weak anymore. I used to make 10x what I make now, probably only about 1 year ago. Its a shame what some "LARGE" people have done to this coin :-\

  • @tomahawkeer ,

    If I buy these you are contributing to making me "larger" 🙂 How much you looking for?

  • @rds brand new they are selling for $180ish I think. They are about 1 year old and have been used for only mining burst. I have 6 total, however I am only selling 4 atm. Just make a reasonable offer.

  • @tomahawkeer , these are internal sata drives? I would buy them for $12/TB shipped, so round it up to $400 shipped? US, FL or NJ depending on when the shipping happens.

  • No these are EXTERNAL. All are USB 3.0.

  • No these are EXTERNAL. All are USB 3.0.