Several drives for sale


    Hi all,

    i for one am actually not looking to part ways with my hardware, but since i am getting a divorce and moving to a small 1 bedroom appartment, i need to turn my hardware to cash for the time being.

    So i am running these drives:

    Internal 3,5" 8TB Seagate Archive 5400RPM
    Internal 3,5" 2TB Western Digital Blue 7200RPM
    Internal 3,5" 2x 2TB Seagate 7200RPM
    Internal 3,5" 1TB Western Digital Green 7200 RPM
    Internal 3,5" 1TB Western Digital blue 7200 RPM
    Internal 3,5" 1TB Western Digital Black 7200RPM

    External 3,5" 4TB Western digital
    External 2x 3,5" 1TB (reusable casing)
    External 2,5" 640GB (reusable casing)
    External 2,5" 500GB (reusable casing)
    External 2,5" 320GB (reusable casing)

    For a total just shy of 2000GB/20TB in actual plots as you can see form the screenshot. 1 drive has 80GB of windows partition that can also be used for plotting and mining. My current payout is about 60 burst a day and about 1 block on average per 2 weeks of 400 burst

    the 8TB archive and the 4TB WD drive are both still under warranty. 3 months and 1 year old respectively.

    Two drives have some reallocated sectors, but still work without any hiccups.

    I can ship anywhere, but i am from the EU so i will have to look up shipping costs for other regions.

    0_1512749100954_burst total.png

    price is negotiable and am i very reasonable, but don't lowball me. PM me if you are interested, can be paid in BTC/burst/FIAT

  • @techgtv I may be interested in the 4TB exteral WD, dependent on the price you are looking for. I am from Canada, so just unsure if it would be cheaper just to buy from amazon by the time shipping is factored in.

    Would you accept Burstcoin as payment or strictly looking for cash?
    We are getting close to upgrading our asset and this could be a good opportunity for us.

    Let me know!