The Dymaxion Speculation - What We Know and What Does Everyone Think?

  • Hey all, so I made a post on GetBurst forums about this that you can reference here for the evidence I collected:

    I'm trying to cross post on every forum to get the discussion going.

    Excerpt From The End -

    So, looking back at the PoCC's Stage 1 post on bitcointalk, @rico666 states "We came to lead BURST to its rightful place among other cryptocurrencies and we believe that place is nowhere else than upwards of where BURST is today and upwards of where it will be tomorrow."
    Let's assume that we all don't believe Burst is currently in its rightful place. Where is it then? What does Burst need to be mingling among the top cryptocurrency projects? Burst started out being a leader in innovation with a "green" proof of capacity mining and smart contracts, among other things. What I think Burst needs, is to be on the cutting edge of innovation - it needs to have the world talking about it and wanting to use it. What things would bring Burst to the top?
    I'm hoping to get some good discussion going here on the topic. I have spent a lot of time, energy, and money on Burst, and I'm ready to see it enter the spotlight. If you have any more hints to add to what I have up here, please post them as well!

  • Exciting, to say the least! I read the whole article you linked to.

  • @propagandalf What do you think it could be?

  • Currently working on ICO project, with 10 mln USD hard cap, as a project manager and head of marketing.

    I analized a lot of coins and their stories of success, getting those huge market cups VS 23 mln USD BURST coin with enomorous amount of usefull features, but no one heard of them. Due to the uniqueness of PoS algorithm and possibilities. Driver can be any of BURST features used in real project, which gives all parties involved Win/Win conditions.

    As for me, it could be:

    1. The gaming industry. Successful ICO for today - FireLotto, and others, all of those, based on Eth or Waves platform. We have even poker on BURST and few other working games - but there's simply no budgets and appropriate marketing efforts, no team, and leaders. FireLotto going to get 50 mln USD for their project, just to make a lotteries and poker on blockchain. BURST can do it from the BOX, and NO ONE knows and cares about that. Why? "Show me the money" that's why!

    2. The second option is Asset Exchange. The possibility of issuing and trading virtual shares for your projects (tokens in fact) and bind it with legislative basis from the ICO's on the other platforms, they are identical for any crypto enterprise - in this countries Sweden, Estonia, Cyprus, Cayman Island, e.t.c. and constantly evolving!
      For example in March 2018 crypto world will have first ICO insurance company DeHedge for new ICO's on Eth and other platforms, but they will not include BURST platform there, you know why? Because PoCC said - Asset Exchange is a dirty thing, we will not continue work on it. Well - Asset exchange, ICO - it's just a variety of KickStarter, like a virtual Silicon Valley. There are at least 3 services, who's checking now ICO's from scratch and giving them ratings.
      But no one know and uses Asset Exchange, you know why? Because it's not even adapted to real effective use, people with Assets are very limited and no one cares. I have a lot of change requests or adding features, i'm sure others too.

    The funniest thing is, that 1 billion 876 millions BURST already mined out and lying in the dust, invest mined BURST on marketing and developments to grow BURST popularity and bring usefulness to the adequate level - in return you'll get growing market cap and BURST price.


  • @ryanw I have no idea, probably major reworks to the codebase and maybe even new features. I guess time will tell 🙂