New Wallet?

  • Hello All! I have not posted here in probably 3 or 4 months (we all probably know why lol). Anyway I have been mining for a while now, from back in spring, but I keep hearing news of new wallets and wallet updates. Should I still be using my "Burst Client for Win v0.3.11" (for Burst Wallet 1.2.9) or is there anything better out? I was reading some news on the coin today and something was mentioned that the wallet was on its third iteration and wasn't having any issues anymore so I'm sure mine is outdated by now as every other time I plot hard drives the plotter crashes. This isn't that bad of an issue cause everything else works perfect but am just wondering if I am running old stuff or what :).

    Anyway thx ahead of time for any advice!/ideas!

  • there's dawallet and the wallet from crypto guru.
    the dawallet's burst AIO is great for general use the crypto guru (burst consortium) wallet has an optional front end that allows selecting your preferred type of blockchain. the consortium wallet is more scalable that it can be useful for solo and pool mining with a certain blockchain type that has been said to be more stable. Unless you see any errors there's no real reason to change how you do or what you do with your current software wallet. Backup your blockchain regardless of wallet choice there isn't one on the planet that's never failed. Also, if you do not have an SSD disk it is wise to defragment your wallet blockchain from time to time especially if you stop and start it frequently to maximise efficient start up and less disk activity.