Need advises for this fanless Build

  • Hi,

    I am looking to build a fanless minning burst system. The goal is to have something small and very quiet.


    • I can get some very cheap 4TB portable external drives
    • I will start with 3x4TB portable external drives, then system must be easily scalable to add more, as I will get more of them

    Do you have advice on a good fanless computer with lots of USB port I guess ?

    • fanless mini pc with windows ? (example Azulle Byte 3 Fanless Mini PC)
    • fanless arm with linux ? (example CuBox-i4Pro)

    Also what USB hub should I go for?

    Any other idea or advice? Some example I can look at ? Someone can share similar configuration ?

    Thanks for your help

  • Thought I'd do a quick search and found this guy. Not sure if it's within budget. LINK:

    Do you plan on mining with your CPU? It will be a bit slow for scanning the drives but you have a small amount so it shouldn't matter too much. I mined with 15 or so TB for about a year with no problems. Took about a minute to scan through the drives and I was using an old Dual Core Optiplex from work running Windows 7.

    The Intel NUC's are cool but I think they have a single fan. Should be pretty quiet though. LINK:

    If you're going to CPU mine I would just get an old machine, reinstall your flavor of Operating System and go to town. You can always slap a GPU in there in the future and switch things up. Save you a good amount of cash which can get you more drives.

    The fanless idea is pretty thought provoking and would be a cool setup! Hats off to you my friend. Would love to see pics of your setup if and when you get to that point.

    Oh! Forgot to mention maybe pick up a Powered USB 3.0 hub. LINK:

    OK, that's it from me lol.

  • Thank you very much for this answer.

    The goal is not to be the most efficient (in terms of minning / TB) but the most efficient in (minning / noise&power consumption).

    Your links are good, but I though that I could get something for under 100$:
    I though this model could maybe be good: (2 USB2, 1 USB3)
    or this (more expensive but i5 proc: )

    What do you guys think ?

    CPU vs GPU ?
    I am not sure what could be better between:
    CPU: Intel Atom X5-Z8350 & GPU: Intel HD Graphics 400 processor

    Other questions:

    • does minning take a lot of internet bandwight ? because I like to play online with a good ping 🙂

  • @tyvain , minimum internet bandwidth required for mining.

  • I can sell you an old laptop if you want something cheap and simple to start with. It would be an old XP machine or something like that. I would just charge you for shipping and perhaps a beer. 🙂