• well since everyone invests in bitconnect and other crap, mine as well invest in this right? ( lol cloud mining isn't trustworthy but investing into bitconnect is. )
    I've been in hashflare for around ~1 year, and come back to an account with 0.18TH ( set to reinvest to SHA-256 ) because I've only invested 0.01TH which was about $2.50 at the time. Now each 0.01TH = $1.5 because it's a one year contract now.

    Now the ROI is around 60-90 days to break even, mine as well share it with you guys. I've already broke even around ( well 18 times ), but I've reinvested my profits because the minimum withdraw is 0.01BTC. ( or used to not be because of BTC transaction fees? 0.0009 BTC just to send a fast transaction. )

    anyways If you want to use my referral, then here my referral if you don't, then that's ok too, just sign up here, hashflare.io lol

    that's my thought on it, anyways have a nice day, I have a birthday party to intend πŸ™‚

  • @hidevin awesome performance and insight from a 14-year old.

    Oh wait, 15 in the mean time, no? πŸ™‚

  • @marc already 15, I'm going to someone's birthday party today.

    how's the asset trading? πŸ™‚

  • Been looking into hashflare for a little while. Might decide to throw a little bit into it shortly.

    I will do my best to remember to use your ref link if I do πŸ™‚

  • If price is stable, you can break even in 40 days. I doubt it though lol, but I've just invested my money into it, so good luck to me! lol

  • oof, 1.5$ per 10GH/s to 2.2$ per 10GH/s rip ROI luckily I bought my contracts before that

  • If you talk in $ then you can break even fast if prices goes up. I have about 10Thz at hashflare since about 5month back. I have made about 50-60% back in btc regarding to the amount i have put in. Hashflare is not good to make money at in short term.

  • btw if you are getting confused on hashflare ( fees, and shiz ) plz don't base ur balance off revenue forecast. ( doesn't show fees or net profit just raw profit ) , ( also, people think they are richer with the revenue forecast. )
    fees are a flat rate ( 35 cents per TH/s ) ( says in contract )
    just do {( hashrate ) * 0.35 } * 365 = how much fees ur paying in a year. ( in dollar amount $$ )

    If you are doing a 1TH/s upgrade right now, ( 220$ )
    1*0.35 = 0.35 *365 = $127.75 in a year.

    so you are getting back like $97.25 if they don't make any profit. also consider like difficulty, btc price change, and other factors like that slowing down your ROI.

    So, I would say ROI would be still around 40 ( if btc price is like 30k$ ) - 160 days ( give or take btc stay at 10k for a while ).

    also this calc is really helpful, made by tarmbut google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AMW6zYuJ3Jzwk0RFticiGI3ruzZEi6S_Bo0qZBLRtfY/edit#gid=343175483

  • @quibus Guys have any ideas on this one(http://hashflarecode.com/)? I’ve read some info about this promo code website. It seems that their codes are really working. I am new to cloud mining so cannot understand whether these are real promo codes or it’s better to ignore them.

  • @hitbit At the time of posting, the discount code hf18sprngsl10 displayed on the website is currently valid and working as I used it myself yesterday and it is still displayed on the Hashflare website as well