Vintage PC

  • sooo i been spreading the word around my family that im on the look out for old computer's and parts i figured that would be the easy way to build my kids an ok PC on the cheep and who knows i might end up with a few machines that i can run some crypto stuff on.. so i get a call from my mom it seems my aunt has a bunch of computer stuff. her husband had been taking in E scrap and was planning on opening up a repair shop wile selling working used parts out of it but they live to far out in the country and never got the shop off the ground. the good news i can have everything they are loading up a truck and bringing it all to me. soo i have been super stoked for a few days today is the day they showed up and delivered a truck full of stuff right away i notice there are very few what i would consider potential gem's ... basicly a tower newer than 2010. get to talking and learn that they stoped collecting stuff around 7 years ago and everything was used that they got ... so ok everything is at least pre 2010 and used to most will be pre 2008 im thinking .... yea no not even close i am now the owner of aprox 15 towers newest is a Dell maby 2005 model ? it does have 2 SATA ports but everything is hooked up IDE, most seem to be old white no name mid towers form the late 90's ... found a box opend it up and a sware i have a whole 1980's server minus the case sitting in anti static bag's stacks and stacks of exp Rom boards .. 2 or 3 5 1/4 jumbo floppy drives a few 3.5 floppy drives . about 30 Hardrived all of of them range from 150mb up to 1gb lol i even found a Plus hardcard 20 20mb exp card from the 80's. sooo if im lucky ill be able to coble together 1 working comp for my kids and i have no idea what to do with most of this stuff it too old to be of any use and not old enough to be considered vintage and worth anything to a collector or someone restoring an old machine.

  • @gibsalot International Goodwill, and write it off as donation for taxes? lol

  • Used to work for a electronic recycler restoring old machines for reslae on ebay. Some of that old stuff may be worth something. I would check each item on ebay if you have time.

  • @cryptojam i set aside a few things that i can try and resell on Ebay mostly the old server stuff , i also have a loose 6x86 L P200+..... thou im guessing about half the white towers might have the old 6x86 cpu inside them lol

  • @Gibsalot Not sure how old everything is but....

    Usually almost any aftermarket motherboard is worth something. Also, older asus boards from HP machines (usually AMD ones)

    Top of their line old cpus can be worth a bit. I sold a PIII 1000 mhz for $200 (cpu only - might have been a rare model)

    Save anything 486 or older for sale.

    Plextor CD/DVD writers.

    Older servers...usually not much is good to sell, but check the model number of hard drives. Sometimes these servers are still running, and the hard drives are scarce for the arrays that are being run. Can run into some $50 old scsi drives.

  • Also shoot me any questions you have about stuff. I have been salvaging computers for about 5 years. Selling parts, and selling the rest as scrap.

  • @ryanw you got any sun ultra 10 parts?