I´m selling 9kw.eu credits to Burst or BTC

  • i´ve more than 750k credits available

  • today i´m making an offer, from 200k to $0.5 for 10k, that means 200k for $ 10, 300k for $ 15, etc.

  • amazing and lower prices!!!

  • For those who do not know 9kw.eu is a service that allows captchas to be resolved automatically (the captchas are solved by real users, not by robots), this service can be used to solve all types of captchas in systems, faucets, PTC, etc. and thus generate money automatically.

    Normally the credits are obtained by solving captchas in the system (7-10 credits per captcha) or by buying credits from the administrator (40,000 credits at 5 EUR), the service consumption is (10-20 credits per captcha to be solved), I I offer the same credits to much less than half:

    40,000 - 2 USD (10k for 0.5)
    From 100k (10k by 0.4)
    More than 200k (10k by 0.3)

    Interested I await your comments and offers ...

    Immediate credit delivery, forms of payment: AdvCash, Payeer, Payza, BTC

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