First time miner newbie has some questions

  • hi everyone. Just a bit curious to find out how to mine a few burst coins. Downloaded Qbundle v1.5, made a plot (488gb) following the instruction and then tried to start mining with the BlagoMiner (v1.170820_AVX) in the qbundle, joining But it doesn't seem to get any results (only finds new blocks, makes "hdd, wake ups") - my guess is that my plot is too small? Or do I just have to be patient? Does it make sense to try it with such a small plot?

    Thanks for helping out someone completely new to this 🙂 Also would appreciate a burst, as I understand I need one to get started? BURST-STE7-58ND-QB7A-H79Z7

  • @andreasz_com plot is too small, if you already made your reward assignment, I don't think you need a Burst, join smaller pools with long deadlines ( in seconds ) via

  • Thanks for your fast answer 🙂

    I found this google sheet: but can't find a small pool (am i blind?). Also can't see the port numbers or "Deadline limit" numbers which I would need in the Blago Miner settings.

    Also not sure if i set up my reward assignment correctly. All I did was creating my plot with my numeric account ID - is that enough?

  • @andreasz_com to set the reward-address for your account, you need to access the page

    and set the pool`s reward address for your account.
    According to

    you'll generate some 30 Burst per month, so you need to choose
    a pool that

    a) accepts the deadlines you'll be generating
    (small plot volume => very high deadlines, low probability of mincing a block)

    b) has a long historic payout and a low minimum payout.

    You need to accumulate the <minimum payout> within the <history depth> number of days, otherwise you'd never get a payout from the pool you're looking at.

    Mining solo is possible, but you'd mince a block with a probability of

    your plots / network size
    488 GB / 120 PB = 1/240000

    One in 240000 blocks would take 666 days (Burst has a 4 minute blocktime).

  • Thanks @vaxman for the answer and all the new information 🙂 My very simple goal is to just mine a few burstcoins and to find out how that works, but it's getting more and more confusing.

    I guess that someone like me with no clue is probably at the wrong place here - please let me know where to go if I bother you too much 😃 Otherwise thanks for your patience.

    Ok, so doesn't open for me. Should I exchange that address with the one of the pool i use and add the /rewardassignment.html ? How does this work? Still no idea.

    No clue what "Deadlines" and "Historic payout", "History depth" are - any link for a good read/youtube video to learn those basics?

    Plus if someone could guide me through and give me some instructions on how to set up my qbundle + blagominer + plot in order to mine something I would be very happy 😃

    Again - sorry if you have better stuff to do than helping out a complete newb, but would really appreciate it ❤