Burst Client

  • Hi,

    I am trying the burst client but I am confused. (v 0.3.12)

    1/ In the tutorial they talk about a 'faucets' menu on the top. But I can't fin it

    2/ I created an account and now the client is taking 99% of my cpu. I though this was only the case while plotting... does it start plotting my hard drive ? where and why ? How can I check that ?

    I close the client and wait you answers before going to the next steps..


  • I think burst is plotting my c:\

    How can I check that? Is it dangerous (loosing data somehow?) ? Can I revert that to get back the space ?

  • @tyvain depending on what you exactly installed (with or without burst_db), the client is downloading the blockchain. As it has to verify every single of the 438040 blocks, this is a compute intensive process. The space the blockchain database occupies on disk varies between 1- 10 GB, depending on the database backend. Im not familiar with the AIO package, so somebody who is more knowldgeable may answer this in more detail.

  • I am still confused. I uninstalled, and will give another try today.

    I am following this tutorial:

    But I don't understand the "Faucet" part. The interface of the client has change, there is no more the "faucet button".

    Can someone explain this please ?

    Do you think this tutorial is good or do you have another tutorial I can follow (up to date) ?

    Thank you

  • @tyvain The faucet button was only a list with faucets, in this version it does not appear perhaps because there is no active faucet, but for the rest the operation is still the same

  • @energy ah ok... thanks.
    So I'd better just ask here for 2 burstcoin right ?

    just to clarify (because i am not quite sure what faucet is): faucet is the fact of giving coin to 'validate' a new address right ?

  • @tyvain There are faucets in all or almost all cryptocurrencies and they are just web pages where they give you burst as here or some satoshi in the case of bitcoin.

    If you go to this forum you can request some burst https://burstforum.net/category/51/i-need-a-burst-a-burst-is-all-i-need