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  • Hello Bursters,

    I would like to have more opportunities to buy BURST.
    I therefore have asked to consider burstcoin. Since a while now I have bought and sold some cryptocurrency. So far they have always come through and as far as my dealings with are of any value they seem very legit.

    At it would be possible to buy burst, directly from euro's. I think it would be a very big step for BURST if this would happen.

    Can you please also ask them to add burst? look on their website for the contact/support page, or click on the link below;

    disclaimer: i do not have any affiliation with litebit, except from sometimes buying or selling some cryptocurrency.

  • Done.
    I made a request.

  • @rattle99
    OK! thanks :)

  • I also think it would be nice if the devs got in touch with binance and got it listed there. Binance has this monthly coin listing of some sort on twitter. We all community members could support BURST there.

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