Questions about Pools & Stats

  • Hi. I have 2 questions and maybe someone can help me with them.

    1. I noticed several times the last week that the current block-height betweens Dev-V2-Pool ( and Ninja/Team-US Pool ( , are different. Its not all the time, but sometimes.
      Maybe ~10hours ago for example the Pools Burst-ninja/Team-Us was at block 255012 and at the same time Dev-V2-Pool was at block 255010 (according to their homepages). How is this possible? I ask because i mine at Dev-V2-Pool with my 14TB and wondering if i lost some earning because of this.

    2. On you can see the current estimated network size in XXXX TB. How is this value measured? And why is this value fluctuating so much?
      (decrease from 10000TB to 5000TB in 1 or 2 days for example). I could not imagine that so many miners go offline at the same time.

    Sry for my bad english...

  • admin

    about 1.)
    Sometimes 2 blocks are mined almost at the same time at different nodes in the network and the networks forks into two or more parts. The part of the network which is stronger will have a longer chain after some blocks and the smaller chains bow down to the longer one.

    Yesterday there was more forking going than usual because many people including the pools updated their wallets and weren't not so good connected to other peers. We are improving the core code to find nodes faster after a wallet restart so forking will be more unlikely.

    2.) The calculation is Block0BaseTarget / ThisBlockBaseTarget.
    Maybe someone else has the formula at hand to post it here.

  • netDiff = 18325193796 / baseTarget

    Burst block #0 BaseTarget = 18325193796

  • @Blago said in Questions about Pools & Stats:

    netDiff = 18325193796 / baseTarget

    Burst block #0 BaseTarget = 18325193796

    So the current estimated network size=netDiff=the real amount of Plots from every miner out there at this moment?

    If yes, what is the reason for the big fluctuation?

    (Sry for the noob-questions)

  • @piezo I think netDiff is an estimation of the network, not a real number...