BURST smashed through the roof today

  • I guess the title says it all.

    Also, what do you think the price will move to after this? Will it go higher? If yes then how high? Will it go down? If yes what would be a good price to buy back? Also, is it time to take profit s?

    Your opinions, views etc are welcome.

  • @rattle99 most likely down soon, idk when, mcafee pumped it I think. I would take out now, but that's my opinion.

  • @rattle99 well yesterday Mcafee posted a tweet about it and today there is a 2 page article about burst on Forbs web site https://www.forbes.com/sites/jessedamiani/2017/12/23/crypto-watch-burstcoin-burst-price-goes-4x-in-29-hours-what-is-burst-and-why-is-it-surging/#3f975c0c4757

  • @gibsalot Nice, I hadn't seen the forbes article. Exciting times for Burst!

  • With gaining ~400 % against the $ and market cap now $ 110.000.000 Im curios how assets payouts will be handled next 1-2 weeks (and fear the worst of course 🙂 )

    Happy Christmas fellow Bursters anyway..

  • @marc Hopefully this time round people will have learnt that although their Burst Dividends are lower, their value in Dollar terms are more.

    The other problem we had was people liquidating Assets and sending the price down, in order to sell Burst for BTC, not sure if tat has been the case this time round?

    Asset Issuers need to keep a firm guiding hand on things during these times.


  • @richbc i noticed a few asset liquidations for cheep but no where near the scale it happend last april / may

  • @richbc Interesting times, agree.

    Dont understand why payouts for mining assets should be a Problem though - eg. pure mining examples like hidevin, ccminer or Harrys gone, ogburst etc - they mine x Burst a week no matter what the current price against the $ is be it a a Cent or a Dollar and distribute them according to the asset payout structure.

    Asset price going up or down in fact asset issuers dont care anyway as no new Shares are sold/able to be placed on the market and 3rd Party People just trading the relased Shares within themselves, 99% way lower than the price the asset was issued anyway.

  • @marc yeap mining assets shouldnt care about this. It should affect only those like mine that generates income from outside burst. I still think it should come down a bit before the year end when monthly assets do their payouts. Those outside burst and weekly paying assets tho might get way more affected.

    As for share price your right (at least in my case) i dont care about the price of shares 🙂 If anything else since i am trying to always supply buy orders if someone sells into lower price i just keep on having bigger share of the whole thing 🙂 Those who invested long term will keep on holding (or if generated enough income and there is a good buy order cash out) and those who need or want to make a quick buck will just dump it. Crucial part being afcourse there is orders to dump into.

  • @lithstud I see Burst price in Sat/against the $ to crumble down again anyway during the next days, so not much harm done anyway.

    500/600 spike was way too much, an overhype prob. a reaction to the McAffee pump and dump try (successfull).

    Everything in life is a Ponzi - and in the long term were all dead.

    Whats the definition of long term?

    Happy Christmas 🙂

  • @marc long term is a year and up (i will try to do some detailed report once the year ends to show those holding shares how asset grew during 2017). Basically same as you would find in investment funds through banks, only thing in crypto its much more volatile but at same time more rewarding if done right 🙂

  • Well, nice I sold of at 531sats. But one thing that sucks is that polo is making verification compulsory in 2018.

  • @marc said in BURST smashed through the roof today:

    500/600 spike was way too much, an overhype prob. a reaction to the McAffee pump and dump.

    Up to ~590 sats again today (@bittrex), thou it does look over-extended.

  • Damn, I should've HODLed for today or bought more burst when it went lower.
    BURST now at 650sats on Polo. ATH.
    Probably because it got listed on a korean exchange earlier today.

  • What are your thoughts people? Are you going to HODL or sell now?

  • @rattle99 I hodl.

  • @rattle99 said in BURST smashed through the roof today:

    What are your thoughts people? Are you going to HODL or sell now?

    If the price escalation is due to Burst being listed on another exchange, then it's not based on any fundamental changes, new developments or use-construct to provide juice - so seems unlikely to sustain. [~690 sats now.. (@bittrex)].

  • @beholdminuggets where else has it been listed? volume at poloniex is around 700 right now and bittrex is 2000. coinmarketcap has the volume over all at around 2700. so its really only poloniex and bittrex

  • This post is deleted!

  • I don't see the point in selling. with no plans to fix bitcoin and burstcoin having a new team and a plan, this is the perfect time for burst to take off. it just needs some advertisement since most have no idea about it. My suggestion is for the new team to make a wallet where we can all donate and the team can buy up some advertisement at crypo sites.

    advertisement with info like,
    A coin that actually is decentralized,
    Coin with low fees that has the tech to keep fees low even if it gets to bitcoin size.
    Coin that can be mined with hard drives letting anyone mine.
    And so on.
    Just an idea.