Is it possible use the same burst wallet to mining on multiple machines?

  • if it is possible,does it make any difference for plotting?

  • @qfrank_ yes and yes ,, both must be pointed at the same pool however , also because submits will be coming from more than one machine the pool will only show the total size from one of the machines. for plots all rules still apply do not let nonces overlap this must be checked manul as the miner will not check the plots on the other machine and give you an error.

  • plot file layout ( 7067440560499039456_103291846_19075400_19075400 ) first number is numerical account number , second is the starting nonce number in this plot , third is the total number of nonces contained in the plot, last is the stagger witch is only importain to learn about if trying to use GPU ploter or you need to Optimise plots. you will need to add the second number and the third number together to figure out what the last nonce number in the plot is. for the plot above it contains nonces from 103,291,846 - 122,367,246 if i was to create another plot i would start at 122,367,246 or any number larger than this number plots do not need to be in consecutive order but i perfer to skip 1 nonce betwen each plot and keep a running list of plot files it make it easy to keep track my next plot would start at nonce number 122,367,247

  • @Gibsalot very detailed! great thanks! should i send some burst to u after i mined few~?

  • @qfrank_ no need just pay it forward to others in need