SetFileValidData error (code = 87)

  • Hi there,
    plotting without admin privilegs is "working" with the info that it could be faster with admin privilegs. Using them gives me the error of the thread title.
    Z is in this sample a network drive. In the following my config and cmd output. Thanks for any help.

    @cd /d %~dp0 
    XPlotter_avx.exe -id MY_ID -sn 7629024 -n 3791371 -t 3 -path Z:\files -mem 10G
    C:\XPlotter>XPlotter_avx.exe -id MY_ID -sn 7629024 -n 3791371 -t 3 -path Z:\files -mem 10G
    XPlotter v1.0 for BURST
                    programmers: Blago, Cerr Janror, DCCT
    Checking directory...
    Drive z:\ info:
            Name: Plot1
            File system: NTFS
            Serial Number: 223016532
            Bytes per Sector: 512
            Sectors per Cluster: 2
    Creating file: z:\files\5501699032690881212_7629024_3791368_3791368
    SetFileValidData error (code = 87)
    Drรผcken Sie eine beliebige Taste . . .

  • @treebrush It most probably wont work with a Network Drive! It cant allocate the space beforehand.
    If you have local disk-space available you could try to "plot and move" with a script like this google sheet or use SPlotter (but that guy is not giving any credits to the original creator @Blago so I refuse to use it!-/)

  • Thanks! The idea is to create on an older machine files to share on each hard drive because a few hundret TB needs some time... Thanks anyway - knowing this lead me to script it myself ๐Ÿ˜›

    @nixxda is it useful to have smaller packages or biggeer ones like 100GB / 10GB ...

  • @treebrush bigger is better! but it only matters if you get in to the 50TB range I'd say. I replotted my SMR drives in 250GB files and see no speed decrease on my ~80TB with jminer. ( ok, its a couple of ms slower!)
    Make them 100GB anyway!-)

  • atm I'm testing and I have just 40GB internaly free. Later for the rollout I take your 100GB amount. We are focusing to at least half of a PB.

  • for half a PB I'd buy a spare SSD first and make those files as big as you can!! Also its gona take ages!
    Or even better buy all PMR drives and go with gpuPlottGenerator.
    Its a bit more fiddly and there are other forks of this Plotter around. But it allows you to write to multiple disks at once! Given that you have lots of RAM.
    More on that after the "Party"!-)

  • admin

    @nixxda I consider xplotter a more reliable plotter the gpuplotgenerator, especially with the ability to resume plots. You can plot multiple drives simultaneously by starting multiple instances - eg:

    start XPlotter_avx.exe -id 13919803089879865906 -sn 0 -t 4 -path c:\b\00 -mem 4G
    start XPlotter_avx.exe -id 13919803089879865906 -sn 50000000 -t 4 -path c:\b\01 -mem 4G
    start XPlotter_avx.exe -id 13919803089879865906 -sn 100000000 -t 4 -path c:\b\02 -mem 4G
    start XPlotter_avx.exe -id 13919803089879865906 -sn 150000000 -t 4 -path c:\b\03 -mem 4G
    start XPlotter_avx.exe -id 13919803089879865906 -sn 200000000 -t 4 -path c:\b\04 -mem 4G
    start XPlotter_avx.exe -id 13919803089879865906 -sn 250000000 -t 4 -path c:\b\05 -mem 4G
    start XPlotter_avx.exe -id 13919803089879865906 -sn 300000000 -t 4 -path c:\b\06 -mem 4G
    start XPlotter_avx.exe -id 13919803089879865906 -sn 350000000 -t 4 -path c:\b\07 -mem 4G
    start XPlotter_avx.exe -id 13919803089879865906 -sn 400000000 -t 4 -path c:\b\08 -mem 4G
    start XPlotter_avx.exe -id 13919803089879865906 -sn 450000000 -t 4 -path c:\b\09 -mem 4G

  • @haitch I already figured that out. I will post my configurator/ files as soon as I created some snipped of working code ๐Ÿ˜‰ Merry Christmas!

  • testphase; result until the end of the day

  • I build this little spreadsheet to calculate the plot intervals you need them to know the amount of run's of the for loop. Then just running this in .bat as admin. In this example I plot 33 times around 30GB chunks and move one after the other to thee network storage. The start variable is just interesting when you want to append something to your old plots.

    @setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion
    @cd /d %~dp0 
    set /a start = 0
    set /a chunk = 114440
    for /l %%x in (1, 1, 33) do (
       	XPlotter_avx.exe -id YOUR_ID_HERE -sn !start! -n %chunk% -t 5 -path c:\plot -mem 20G
    	move c:\plot\*.* z:\files
    	set /a start = !start! + %chunk%

  • @TreeBrush perfekt! I'll keep that script for future use. (you have no idea how much I wanted to do it like this and didn't know how!)
    Had a hard time reading between the lines how much noob you are!? Apparently I'm the noob!-)

    @haitch forgot about that! Thanks. Its been a long time since I had to do some serious plotting. And I wish Xplotter would have been around at the time! I'd also much prefer to use Xplotter these days. If only I'd have a few more cores... (and Disks!-)

  • @nixxda your welcome - i would like to include to get the disksize automatically and so on but this was the fastest and easiest way ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    it's a bit for advanced users because you need to know that first first line in the excel sheet with negatives values can't be used. the id of that row -1 defines the integer of the for in the .bat script.

    This means you should choose your chunksize in this way, that there is nearly nothing at the end ๐Ÿ˜‰

    & of course you have to set your cores; ram according to your system specs. I will post one more picture after it went completly well.