New member in need of assistance !

  • good afternoon to the community.finished with the plotter and i would like to kindly ask for some Burst coins to get started.
    i need 1 to set name and 1 to start mining right?
    also if i may ask which pool from the defaults should i choose running with initially 500gb as a test run?
    thank you in advance and Merry Christmas to all !

  • my account : BURST-LF2U-LTU7-W58E-GTT8H forgot 😛

  • Do you still need a coin. Oh i just saw the you are already mining. Happy earnings.

  • @preslav1980
    i believe i set the miner correctly finally,occasionally between blocks i get 1 green line here and there.
    Left it mining for around 14 hours already and to be honest i do not know if i am getting the credit for that.
    Mostly i see "new block found-thred d:/xxxxx and hdd wake up.

    i am mining on and the layer there is really difficult for me to find my id to confirm that indeed there is any pending balance or so...

    since i started with 500 Gb just to test the whole thing and my options upgrading are not gonna be rocketing to 100 Tb the next morning,mainly i am trying to utilize all smaller HDD's i have over the years.
    Checking through the forums i saw the which is set for a mixumum 1TB per miner,which sounds kinda cool for me now.
    Problem is how am i changing the settings and if the mining i have been doing till now will gain me 1 coin to change pools...

  • Well you are with small plot so don't expect miracles. 500gb is really small today. If you get green DL, that means everything is OK. You can find yourself in the pool, just copy the wallet adress, Ctr +F on the pool page and paste the wallet adress in the pop up bar. This should help you find yourself there.