Mining SIA coin to Burst

  • Has anyone else been mining SIA since they came out with the GPU miner? Very easy to set up and mine. I decided to run 2 older video cards. I run them at about half speed during the day and turn them up at night. Currently supernova pool has a 20% bonus. I have been able to collect 7500+ sia in the last week not trying very hard. I have found that if you play the market right between the two coins you can get x3 back in burst.

    It may not be huge returns but it puts some buy pressure on burst and maybe devalues a competing hard drive coin. I have found it a good way to get some extra coin. This combined with the surfbar is quite a bit. More than I usually mine with ~7tb. When I get some time I will set up a newer faster, more efficient video card and probably only run the one. PSU problems currently.

    If i had cheap or free power I'd set up all my rigs again. Maybe a few old bitcoin miners. Would be a cool and useful asset. I think about people in apartments where they have a detached garages and community power, or land with water, wind, or solar. Just some rambling in the pursuit of more burstcoins!

  • Hallo!
    Where can you trade directly between SC and BURST?

  • @dimosgr you have to trade to bitcoin then to burst.

    SIA ---> BTC ---> BURST

    sia is on poloniex and so is burst so that is a good place

  • @crutsy Should I be able to mine with any of this 2 boards? Or with both?
    alt text alt text

  • @gpedro yes it is a simple openCL miner so used the Nvidia for sure. You can get the miner and all the info there.

    And yes just trade on Polo was able to sell sia at 110 and buy burst in high 30's.

  • @crutsy Hi man, i was trying to start mining SIA, but it really looks hard to start, i downloaded:

    I readed the how to start, getting started.. but man, at the end of that i just have a lot of files, and didnt know how to start.

    Bdw i readed the official guide:

    I opened the example.bat , what u can rename to Run.bat and it looks like this right now:


    ( Ofc with my nice username and password, there is just an example to see if is right or not.. )

    But it gives me this error:


    Seems like sgminer is not recognized, where i can download it? Or... well idk man, is in the folder?

    Seems like im missing something, can u help me a bit ? :))) You will be rewarded with some sia or burst, as soon as i get started 😉

    I will love it, if u have time, to make a little tutorial here, i mean just the basics to start to mine with GPU, i have an account on SIA, with 1 Worker.

    Thanks you.

  • @stupendelious Thank you! I have already done that a couple of times... Profitable, yes.... Just with the right timing!.....

  • @IIOBrocker hmm to be honest I kept mine very simple follows and downloaded from here

    here is my bat file

    sgminer -k sia -o stratum+tcp:// -u crutsy.1 -p x -I 20

    Your picture shows that you are trying to mine lyra2re thats vertcoin. -k or --kernel is the algo your mining change to "--kernel sia"

  • @crutsy Okey, seems like ur answer are right. Let me check it, and bdw thanks you for reply.

  • @IIOBrocker for sure man! The other settings may help fine tune it later but it's so new... When I used to be a serious GPU miner I would have a long .bat

  • @crutsy Take a look of my screen... My PC never worked so much at the same time... xD

    alt text

    Since i couldn't do the right bat to run the miners that I've founded, came back to the first mining app that I've found when first met mining and already mined ~540 BCN i intend on exchanging that to bitcoins or monero and maybe i will play a little on Polo and can make that multiply in some Burst at each week or each month. You can also run monero and much more coins...
    Also I'm running this Minergate app for android in my mobile phone and one Samsung Galaxy Tab since this morning in the same account and works with no problem.
    If anyone uses this app on android go to "Programming options" (If you don't know how to enable it go to youtube...) -> Activate "Stay Active" (Your Phone never shutdown the LCD meanwhile is charging), Activate "Forcing GPU proc." and Activate "Activate 4x MSAA".
    If you want, and i think is the best thing to do, is monitoring the GPU and CPU at least in the beginning for you to understand how the app work and if you could run it at the max... Go to "Programming options" -> "Show CPU Usage" and in "GPU Proc. Profile" put "show in LCD as bars or as lines"

    Besides that is running 3 surf bars at the firefox and as you can see doing plots upload to the Google Drive continues... 2 hours and 4 minutes until the next one is finished.
    Just wanted to share with you xD
    Happy Mining!!!

  • Impressive!

    How are you running 3 surf bars? You have multiple wifi or IP's?

  • @crutsy no... not Burst surfbars i forget to mentioned it... I will not talk about that ones until i know if they pay... only left somedays until i know if they pay so... if they are paying i will post here too...

  • @crutsy and in the minergate app they say that you can connect to other pools only with scrypt algorithm, so later i will try to connect to that SIA pool and with one NOTE pool too...
    I readed about the Gridcoin too, but i don't know if i understand it for now so i will not talk about that...
    i think this are important coins right now and they could all give a good heads up if i exchange all to burst in a month or two...

  • @gpedro Keep in mind that a lot of those coins and algo's are not very efficient and can be hard on your hardware. SIA it probably not very efficient with the gpu. Just doing it while there is a 20% bonus

  • Sorry if this is off-topic, but I am mining LBC at the moment, and with my nVidia 860M I am able to mine about 1-2 coins per day (40 MH/s). With the current price of 0.0009 on Polo it's giving a nice return. 🙂 I downloaded the miner from here:

    I'm mining on the suprnova pool for LBC.

  • @Propagandalf Good to know! Another guy on here had an 820m chipset and was having trouble with sgminer. Would be interesting to see if you can mine SIA just to see if your card works on sgminer.

  • @crutsy @IIOBrocker Isn't sgminer for AMD cards? Ccminer is for nVidia as far as I know!

  • @Propagandalf To my knowledge, and its been a long time. CGMiner is AMD but SGminer should do both.

    CCminer is the best by far for nvidia, but not built for SIA yet.

    However there is a Cuda version already, but not as fast as sgminer.

  • @crutsy said in Mining SIA coin to Burst:

    @Propagandalf Good to know! Another guy on here had an 820m chipset and was having trouble with sgminer. Would be interesting to see if you can mine SIA just to see if your card works on sgminer.

    that guy was me... xD

    @Propagandalf you have GPU-Z installed? Could you put here a print so i could compare with my 820M? Also your batch if you can...