Burst or Storj ?

  • Hi guys, I have a 5tb hard drive and I want to mine some coins with it while my graphics card is mining on nicehash... I was wondering which would be more profitable, mining Burst everyday or Storj and if so why ?

  • Your here so obviously it's BURST for the win. I'm kidding, that's a naive answer. Seriously though I will look at the other coin and provide my feedback. I won't provide a "Which is more profitable" analysis but here is what I can tell you about Burst and you should be able to apply it to any other coins.

    Does the coin have stability or is it still in IPO or it's infancy? Where are the DEVs and how often are they heard from? Do you see large support in the community for that given coin? Just some things to consider when looking at the long term, but maybe your in it for the 48 hours period cough sai coin cough I don't really know.

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  • @ecda909 One thing to consider with Storj is that it requires a cash investment before it will start paying out, or at least when I looked into it a month or so back. Storj looks promising and is a cool idea, I just wasn't willing to fork over any cash at the time. In the end its your choice to make. Burst has an incredibly supportive community here, I have yet to ask a question on the forums because everything I've needed to know was already here waiting on me.

  • The last time I checked, storj wasnt completely functional, and they required you to be holding a large sum of the coin in your wallet to receive payment for the storage that you shared.

    Siacoin (SC) is actually fully functional, however the payment for it is kind of iffy. Takes a good 4-6 weeks to start seeing payments come in, unless something has changed recently that is.

  • Storj requires a much larger amount of bandwidth.

    I'm currently mining SIA with my GPU. They just released a stratum miner this last week. I trade the SIA to BURST at a 1:3 ratio. I'm still not sure about actually HDD mining SIA. The payments for Sia GPU mining take sometimes a day to confirm at 100 confirmations.

  • So I read Storj, I think it's good concept but there is no mining system yet. They claim it will be available in a few more days (at least one you get paid for). There is no prediction or expected payout per GB/TB. Not even an estimation. I'll wait until they post more data before loading my HDD with other peoples data.



  • Yeah burst is the winner here. Ever since BTC halving, I shutdown my avalon6 and not missing it. As I mentioned before my electric bill is much much lower. Stopped with new altcoins like bucks and the race to quickly mine some new one before the dev scams us

  • How much can I make off of mining Burst with the 5TB though ? and do I have to mine in a pool?

  • @ecda909 I hate to promote my pool (pool.burstcoin.de) you could make 250 since we just found 2 blocks. Try each one for a couple of days and see.
    burstcoin.eu is also for your harddive size. Burstcoin.biz aswell

  • How much burst do you average a day?

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    @Burstde Please promote your pool as much as you want. We need to spread the hashpower. : )

  • @ecda909 I run 5.5TB and I'm seeing about 200-400BURST a day from mining in a Pool. If I had decided to solo mine (which makes the variance SUPER high) I would have actually made more because I got super lucky and hit 4 blocks in my first week! I haven't hit a block in the last week. I would say solo mining is like buying a single lottery ticket, or maybe a handful. Pool mining is like everyone in the office pitching in $5 and getting 500 tickets.

    As an Alternative to mining if time permits there are two more options to gain burst. Each method is currently yielding and extra 100 to 200 Burst a day:

    Method #1

    Method #2