Details of the PoC protocol

  • Hi,

    Is there a detailed explanation of the PoC protocol used in Burstcoin? The best I found is
    which is still quite sloppy.

    Is the protocol identical to the one described in the SpaceMint whitepaper?
    Is there a Burstcoin whitepaper?



  • Thanks, but these links didn't quite answer the kind of questions I have.

    So more specifically: As explained in the Spacemint whitepaper, naive PoC suffers from nothing-at-stake and stake grinding problems.

    • How are those solved in Burstcoin?
    • What are the differences compared to the Spacemint protocol as described in the Spacemint whitepaper?


  • Burstcoin cannot be Grinded.

    Burstcoin does not allow for a rollback of chain with more than 1440 blocks (~4 days)
    This means that if you start a grinding attack you need to get into the range of 1440 blocks of current chain.
    When you have achived that you will never make the current nodes to switch to your chain because your chain has now way of fitting into current chain. A node will only switch chain If it fits current chain AND have better cumulative difficulty

  • Thanks. So Burstcoin uses some kind of checkpointing. This does not necessarily prevent grinding, though. If the challenge of in a block depends on information that the miner of the previous block can modify (like the transactions, nonce, ...), then grinding is possible: the miner can adjust his block in order to maximize his chances of mining the next block. Checkpointing won't help.

    Still I'm a bit surprised that there is no official document where all these potential issues are analysed in detail. Thanks for info anyway.

  • Yes, I was talking about grinding from genesis.
    The miner can in theory change previous block and include/exlude previous transactions and from that change the
    blocksignature. but i think we are now moving from grinding to a 51% attack to keep up with current chain after that.
    The block the miner changes does not get a new cumulative difficulty so the nodes will not change block
    since it is the same as the old block.

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