how do you induce price increase on trading sites?

  • Guys,

    I was just wondering whether it is possible to exert power over the price of BURST at trading sites in a way that the prices would go up?
    I am new to trading entirely, but as far as I see, there has to be a way to influence the price through placing sell/buy orders with cooperated effort and a hindsight about the impact of that particular order on the BURST market.

    Any input on this from adept cryptocurrency traders would be much appreciated.


    PS: I know the price of a cryptocurrency is influenced by various factors. I am just saying maybe we could approach BURST not from the mining side of things, but from the other way around.

  • To build the price, you need demand & to build the demand you need Products & Services. Prices of BTC went high because people started accepting BTC as a mode of payment in exchange of goods & services (because of which people started buying BTC). Same needs to be applied to BURST coins .... But the question is how ?

  • @Castiel I think that project @crowetic has talked about will be a pretty good start, and more trusted assets will make more money being moved... So basically what i'm saying is assets plugged into "real life" businesses and "real life" businesses taking the payments through Burst should be the real answer...

  • admin

    Inside Burst there is Code for a "Digital Goods Store". It has many functions like Feedback that yet has to be discovered and implemented.

    We are looking for a web developer who wants to build the first "amazon"-website for Burst 😉

  • @daWallet that would be a hit!!! wish i could code 😃
    @gpedro waiting for that too, their concept sounds very promising. I am just saying there should be a way to manipulate the price on the market, but maybe I am terribly wrong 😃

  • @jonekk if you had like a million dollars maybe you could...

  • @daWallet that would be amazing. There could also be something like an online game store where people can buy keys with Burst. In any case, that flow would help the stability of Burst