Exchanges worth registering to

  • So might as well share some good exchanges to register to (some links referals 😛 )

    We all know (as well due to them dealing in BURST):
    Bittrex ( - at the moment main trading exchange.
    Poloniex ( - has margin trading, lending

    Now when i started to do some more trading i got to know way more exchanges some good, some not so much. These next in list is the ones i consider worth registering to and use them myself:
    Kucoin ( - solid UI, starting to trade some coins on it more and more 🙂 .
    Binance ( - also not bad UI but a bit of a pain with restriction on amounts to be able to buy/sell.
    CoinExchange ( - a bit low volume but getting better, also there is times when you can sell your coins at higher price than other exchanges.
    Cryptopia ( - has a fairly large coin selection, decent UI (tho it has some problems if trading activity is really high)

    Exchange to avoid (or at least use at your own risk):
    Yobit ( - Its well a mish mash of various coins, support is pretty much non existant.

    And lastly some usefull stuff:
    Tradedash ( - really great trading app for Bittrex exchange.
    TradingView ( - usefull website for charting, looking at others charts etc.

    Hope this is a usefull thread for at least some people. And if link got a referral please use it as it wont cost you anything.

    Cheers and Happy Holiday Season to all 🙂

  • Kucoin is fairly new, but has some interesting coins as well as good programs for it's users. They got a coin which pays 'dividend' of all fees done on the exchange every day. very interesting, definitely worth a look.
    Recently started using it as well 🙂

  • Constantly now I trade only on Binance

  • I advise in every possible way to avoid the exchange Yobit because it constantly trades incomprehensible crypto-currencies that have nothing to do with real tokens or are a scum. I usually use personally or Kraken or Poloniex. And cash out through the