Hard Drive Sizes on Pools?

  • Is there a list of the minimum hard drive space for the pools? If someone doesn't have a TB or more of space (at present) to mine with, are there any pools that you can mine on? I realize the output will not be anything worth talking about but it would be a start.

    Thanks for the info.

  • @compncards less than 1TB you will want a pool that accepts longer deadlines you can view pool list here and see target deadlines.


    i mine on http://0-100.burst-team.us:8080/ witch does accept longer deadlines

  • @Gibsalot Let's say you have 500MB to 750MB to start. Realistically what can you expect to earn in a days time?

    Also, is there any difference in terms of a External vs Internal in terms of performance or does it mostly rely on the block size only?

  • @compncards internal vs external only counts for how its connected USB3.0 is conparible to internal SATA ... you can mine on old style USB but will take longer to read plots .. = limited on how much capacity you can have connected that way i dont recomend it but if thats all you have dont have more than say 4 or 5 TB connected old USB ... on USB 3.0 limit it to say 40TB per controler ...( internal controler ) not USB3.0 port's with 20TB ish i earn a 500 burst payout aprox every 5 days some more some less depends on luck