Best Practices?

  • Hello there! I'm new to Burst mining but, not new to crypto mining. I started mining LTC back in 2013 with open air GPU rigs, and I've caught the mining bug once again.

    I'm struggling to find definitive resources or a central location for best practices. For example:

    Does internal HDD vs external USB 3.0 matter enough to spend extra $$$ on a faster internal disk?
    What GPU offers the best bang for buck plotting/mining?
    What hardware specifications matters with a CPU plotter and or miner?
    Does having more RAM help? If so, is there a diminishing return, and at what point?
    How do you effectively plot to more than one device at a time?
    Is it better to plot to a raid array of disks or each individually?

    I hear a lot of "Well this will work fine", but, I'd rather just know what works best, and then scale back from that based on cost.

    For example:
    I have an old Dell PowerEdge T610 server with 8 HDD bays. I can fill the server with 64TB of space, OR I can buy 8 8TB USB 3 drives and just hook them up to an internal card and run them externally. Decent internal 8TB disks run about 200-250, and you can get cheap 8TB backpack drives for 150-180.

    Is 64TB enough to solo mine or is it more effective to join a pool?

    Thanks in advance for the information.

  • @djpr0n Just start and get a grip on what works for you.
    You're asking for "best bang for buck", "more ram, diminishing return", ", I'd rather just know what works best" and such.
    That all depends on your parameters and cannot be answered in a general way.

    Me personally, I'd always go for a totally stable, no-intervention needed, runs-itself setup. I don't care for noise, initial setup-cost or 10-20% more energy than absolutely neccessary. I need it to be rackable, which is a major cost factor.

    When starting to test the waters, this is (should be) very different.
    Go for USB3 externals, as they are cheap. You can chuck them out of their cases later if you want to have them on HBA ports for whatever reason.

    For memory requirements, GPUs, bus speeds, there is so much info on this board..

  • I would recommend you pool mining, cause with 64tb could be pretty hard in long run to earn more than in pool, cause then network difficulty increase. 0_1514284251743_asfasf.PNG

  • I appreciate the responses. I will just go with what I have for now, get a benchmark, maybe buy a cheaper video card to improve plotting and mining and see how it goes.

    I will post my results.

  • If you plot with gpu, you need to optimize after plotting and that also takes some time. I preffer Xpotter (cpu plotter) plots and optomizez one step.